The PTA auditor is an elected officer and member of the executive board. However, an individual or a committee may be appointed by the president to carry out this responsibility in the absence of an auditor. The books may also be audited, in accordance with PTA guidelines by a paid auditor. An internal audit shall be performed by an impartial person not related by blood or marriage or residing in the same household of the president, financial officers, check signer or any chairman handling funds.

The Auditor shall:

  • Audit the books and financial records of the association semiannually or as additionally specified in the bylaws.

  • Prepare a midyear and year-end audit in the months stipulated in the bylaws.

  • Prepare and present written reports to the executive board in the months stipulated in the bylaws.

  • Prepare and present written reports for adoption by the association in the months stipulated in the bylaws.

  • The outgoing auditor is responsible for conducting the audit at the end of the term of office. The California State PTA recommends that if the audit is not completed within two (2) weeks after the completion of the term of office, the president may appoint a committee to immediately audit the books. The same time frame must be followed for the semiannual audit.

  • Audit the books upon resignation of the treasurer, financial secretary or any check signer, or at any time deemed necessary.

  • Review monthly bank statement. (This duty may be assigned to any other non-check signing officer.)

  • Work with the treasurer to understand the record-keeping system.

The purpose of an audit is to

  • Determine the accuracy of the books and records of the financial officers.

  • Detect and recommend correction of errors.

  • Verify funds have been transferred through correct channels.

  • Assure the membership that the association’s resources and funds are being managed in a businesslike manner within the regulations established for their use.