The Historian is a record keeper for the PTA and acts as a custodian of records and other materials pertinent to the history of the association. These records are permanent records of the unit.

The Historian shall:

  • Capture, assemble and preserve a record of activities and achievements of a PTA.

  • Decide on a process to record volunteer hours at all meetings and PTA events, using a tool such as a tally sheet or excel spreadsheet.

  • Collect volunteer hours for PTA meetings and events.

  • Look through the procedure book and other materials supplied by previous historian for ideas on how it was done and what worked best last term.

  • Be familiarize with the PTA Unit-Annual Historian Report and Historian Summary Report.

  • Complete and submit the PTA Unit-Annual Historian Report to council/district PTA by the given deadline.

  • Fill out a Historian Summary Report and file copies as Historian records, like minutes are kept forever

  • Maintain copies for minutes, procedure book and, if applicable, president’s memory book.

  • Display or present brief overview of PTA's year at meetings near the end of the school year.

  • Attend council, district and California State PTA workshops for historians to get the big picture.

Why do historians collect volunteer hours for a PTA?

Volunteer hours are collected and reported to maintain PTA’s federal tax exemption status. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, PTA must receive 1/3 (one-third) of its support from the general public. The recorded hours from volunteers are proof of this. They are also used in advocating on behalf of children and as information in grant writing.