The Vice President Membership is responsible for creating and implementing a membership plan, promoting membership throughout the year, collecting dues, and distributing membership cards.

The VP Membership shall:

  • Announce the membership plan and theme.

  • With permission from your principal, include membership information in the first day packet or at school registrations.

  • Create a membership kick-off plan which could include an invitation to join letter, outlining the accomplishment and benefits of PTA. Letters, with membership envelopes, can be sent home with students. Translate invitations as needed. The membership kick-off plan could also include a special kick-off event.

  • Encourage the return of all envelopes, full or empty, by recognizing all students for their efforts.

  • Use a membership theme to create visually enticing invitations to join PTA. Promote the theme through events and incentives.

  • Distribute special invitations for all teachers and staff.

  • Promote PTA membership through social media sites, email invitations, texts, etc.

  • Regularly promote membership in your PTA or school newsletter and website.

  • Set up a PTA membership table at school and community events.

  • Create a welcome packet for new families who come to your school during the year. Include an invitation to join and a calendar of PTA events.

  • Invite past PTA leaders, past administrators and teachers, past school staff members, past Honorary Service recipients, community leaders, local businesses, elected officials, librarians, crossing guards, after school program providers—INVITE EVERYONE TO JOIN PTA!

  • Report membership progress at all PTA meetings.