Centralized Donations Portal

We are excited to share with you our partnership with Cupertino Education Endowment Foundation (CEEF). CEEF will be helping us process our parent contributions through a centralized portal. All funds processed through our site will be redirected back to us. For check payments, please make check payable to CEEF. For company match, please be sure to include our school name and the CEEF EIN number (77-0073617). This partnership will allow us to focus on more parent engagement and community building.

Check out the many ways that you can contribute below:

Direct Donation

Contribute towards student programs (Ancient Artifacts, Jr. Library Guild, Lap Trackers), Teacher's Grant (Padlet support, Art Kits, software support programs), and infrastructure upgrades (create more shade and seating area for outdoor learning and work space). You will receive up to 2 PTA membership for contributing $100+.Recommended $200 per student.

Staff Hospitality

Contribute towards providing occasional tokens of appreciation to the dedicated Lawson staff.$20 recommended.

8th Grade Celebration

Contribute towards providing a memorable send off for the 8th grade graduates.$40

Lawson PTA Membership

By contributing at least $100 towards our Direct Donations campaign, you will automatically receive up to 2 membership, (a $20 value). In October, we will provide a form for you to fill out if only a PTA Membership is preferred. Membership fee is $10/person. Being a PTA member allows you to have voting rights to key decisions within the PTA but more importantly, it shows our parent community strength in numbers.

Why are we transitioning to the portal ?

The portal will be a central place where you can donate to PTA and also the various clubs like Band or Music instead of writing numerous checks. Please click here for the portal and if you like or want something changed, please send an email to general@samlawsonpta.org