Graduation Parade

We will have a car parade on the last 2 days of school when the 8th graders turn in their school IPads. Decorating your car or dressing up your child for the occasion is highly recommended. Let's make this a fun experience for our 8th graders who are missing out the traditional ceremony !!!

Scroll down to check the parade route.

Here are the timings for the kids to drop off their material to Lawson.

Let us not forget the safety procedure that is in place. Wear protective face mask and adhere to social distancing of 6 feet when getting out of car to drop off school materials.

There are no photo sessions, since this will create traffic and they will not be able to follow the timings mentioned.

Materials to return:

  • Lawson Library Books
  • Lawson School Textbooks
  • Lawson Sports Team Uniforms
  • Lawson Instruments ( Please put a tag on your instrument with your first name, last name, and grade. )
  • CUSD iPads, cases, charging cords, and cases

(Complete 8th Grade IPad Collection Form, download the files you need from your CUSD Google account to a personal computer and label your ipad with your first name, last name, Student ID number)