Here are a list of things you can do to continue socializing during these difficult times

For Kids:

1. Set up times for kids to meet with their friends virtually in a safe environment by arranging calls via Skype, Face time, Google meets, or zoom (with passwords). Please do not post the meeting ids on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


3. Books/Reading:

    • Start a book club that meets once a week. Pick your book, there are many online resources for how to run a book club.
    • Collaborate on creating your own graphic novel.
    • Have an online meet up to read a play. Assign parts. Have fun!

4. Creativity:

    • Write poems and share them
    • Write songs to share
    • Collaborate on creating coloring pages – email them to each other

For Families

Please check out California State PTA website for ways to keep your children engaged and help them learn during these tough times at PTA Family Resource.

1. Food related:

    • Trade recipes online, cook the dishes and get together online to taste the recipes.
    • Find recipes and cook together
    • Collaborate on a new recipe
    • Have “High Tea” together

2. Creativity:

    • Find YouTube tutorials to watch and create together;
      • Puppets
      • Papier mache crafts
      • Tissue paper flowers
      • Photo scrapbook
      • Knitting
      • Crocheting