Congratulations to all Reflections Participants.

This year we had 48 appealing and creative art works that included 26 Visual arts, 2 Photography, 16 Literature, 3 Music compositions and 1 Dance choreography.

Hurrah !!! District level results have been announced and the entry for photography has bagged the "Award of Excellence" at the district level. This has been forwarded to compete with other schools at the state level.

Award Ceremonies and Parties:

  • Pizza party - November 13, 2019
  • School Award Ceremony - November 20,2019
  • 6th District Reflections Reception - January 9,2020

We hosted a pizza party for all participants on November 13th and an award ceremony was conducted at the school on the 20th of November. The participants were honored in a school gathering in the Quad . The certificates and ribbons were distributed by Mr. Kit Bragg & Mrs. Celestina Pakel. District Reception will be on January 9 @ 7:00pm at Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) in San Jose.

Click here for the list of winners and the work submitted by all students

Reflection 2019-20