Library Fundraiser Details

The current tables we have are about 15 years old and some of the legs (over time) are not as sturdy. In addition, they are very heavy and challenging to move around if needed because they do not have wheels to allow them to move easily. Sometimes the tables get dragged when being moved and that adds more stress to the legs.

There are no flexible furniture at the library at this time. This is an entirely new request.

The new tables will be slightly larger still forming 16 hexagons (with two of these tables put together). The difference is that they will be adjustable with castors on each leg.

Overtime, the library has become a core part of campus with activities such as after school homework club, portfolio day presentations by students, lunch time hang out for reading or doing homework, and much much more. With these new tables, it would be easier to reconfigure the tables to suit the needs of the event.

Our goal is to raise 15K or $455 per table and we need 32 tables.

Please help our students make their fundraising effort a success.