Through the years, PTA’s have worked towards providing enrichment in education. Today more than ever, we stand on a threshold of changes, whether it is shrinking budgets, increasing/decreasing class sizes or government mandates. The challenges of delivering quality education are daunting and we can make a difference by getting more involved as a parent community with a vested interest in schools. Collectively we can advocate the cause of education as an effective body.

As a member, you add your voice to this platform. Every single member counts towards this greater purpose. We are not a political body, we are non-partisan and we maintain a neutral platform which helps work with the system to avail of the best opportunities for our children. Together as a PTA we can address issues that are important to parents and public-school administrators. We fight for full funding, quality teachers, and capabilities for schools to thrive. Though every school PTA Unit is autonomous, it is supported by a state and national structure. PTAs focus on what students need to be successful in their learning, including nutrition, health, school safety, physical fitness and general well-being. PTA works with schools to ensure that children succeed.

So, add your voice today. Multiple research studies indicate that parent involvement plays a tremendous role in the success and well-being of children. Membership is open to everyone, parents, educators, students and other citizens active in their schools and communities. When you donate for PTA you automatically become a meber. 

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Become a member and be a part of the solution to make positive changes!