PTA activities and programs are entirely volunteer driven!

As we continue to provide and support engaging programs in our school, it is important to organize sufficient volunteer support. We are able to raise funds to support the programs but without your time and engagement we cannot keep these programs in place.

As the PTA Board, we start facing critical decisions:

To help us decide, we need your firm commitment to be there and provide the support as a volunteer to keep these programs in place. The only satisfaction you may get in our making cuts is a lower donation cost, but it will be a short-term gain compared to a loss of learning experience which will stay for a lifetime with our children.

We provide these structured resources for hundreds of kids and unless every volunteer and lead is in place with a firm commitment to carry out their responsibility, we cannot ensure we can carry forward these opportunities. We work closely with the school administration to ensure your children get the best experience from these activities, but without your support, we cannot do that.

Help, Support & Volunteer!  Along with volunteers we need donations!

Fill out the Volunteer Form to help Lawson and the PTA!